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Machine fleet

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Machine fleet

Our machine fleet

The machine fleet is made up of: 3 wire cutting machines that allow us straighten the wire purchased in reels and cut it to size; 20 electric spot welders (15 to 100 kW); 6 friction presses with force ranging from 12 to 120 tonnes; 1 hydraulic press; 2 automatic wire bending machines that allow us to process wire with a diameter of 2 to 10 mm in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional manners; 1 MIG/MAG welding station; 1 TIG welding station; 1 manual brazing station; a series of production support machines (trimming machine, air bending machines, grinders, etc.); an internal tooling department for the preparation of templates; and assorted equipment consisting of: 1 lathe, 1 milling machine, 2 pillar drills, 1 hacksaw

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Starting from your request for a quote, we follow all the procedures required by our 9001:2015 certification


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Operiamo in settori quali l'arredamento d'interni, di negozi, realizziamo particolari per l'industria alimentare e particolari protettivi per parti rotanti, motori e radiatori industriali.