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Lavorazioni metalliche: tecnologia all’avanguardia

O.M.A.R. di Rocchetto has been active in the field of metalworking for over 50 years, serving shops, interior design companies, and the food industry, as well as providing protective grilles for radiators for industrial machinery.

We are primarily focused on all types of cold working, including both small and medium quantities, starting with the creation of dies and assembly and welding equipment.

The entire process takes place within our company and is carried out by qualified staff specialising in the areas of welding and bending.

We offer a winning combination of artisanal skills and high-tech equipment, capable of producing any design and shape, because industrial products require the use of diverse materials with special finishes in order to ensure the best possible quality.

Da Oltre 50 anni O.M.A.R

Operiamo in settori quali l'arredamento d'interni, di negozi, realizziamo particolari per l'industria alimentare e particolari protettivi per parti rotanti, motori e radiatori industriali.